Monday, 6 December 2010

missing something

i miss the moment when i felt "i don't wanna write something on the blog because i have a place to tell and saying anything" . i don't know, maybe i miss your careness, your excitement when you tell your stories or your problems, when you really care about my activities . and i need someone who really care about what happened to me now. help me at least i can't feel ALONE to deal with my affairs. i don't need for techincally, i just need a support for my soul and my heart

Friday, 12 November 2010


why do I feel you don't like that I knew. or is actually yourself? or the feeling had been changed. and how should i do?

Friday, 22 October 2010

i'm not a child

I don't like when you act like a child and treated me like your child.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


have you ever become a very trusted person?
for me, it is a BIG appreciation
but sometimes it become a burden that you should to keep by yourself.
JUST yourself.

and today i got the trust.
i just can keep silent and speechless.
ya ALLAH, how can??
and this secret should I go through every day, starting a few days ahead


no one likes waiting.
but i still waiting for you
from this

till this
and don't know how long i'll still waiting
i just can't sleep

Friday, 23 July 2010

new name for my blog, i changed my blog name. from groovy coffe with jazzy basketball become much and more.
why? because suddenly I felt I had to do much and more things than others, if I wanted to be unusual person.

maybe it's because few days ago i saw my score and............. soooo...disappointed.
and i want somethig more...more..more...and much!
i don't wanna be the ordinary person, because life is too short to being like that.
good luck for you guys! and goodluck for us..

oh, and please pray for my special for his match like scientific works. goodluck....
you know what i feel right now dear.. :)

and today is fika's b'day! she is my bestfriends in high school. soo...say HAPPY B'DAY to her! miss you girl! enjoy your holiday...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

don't know what is on my mind

i can't sleep again.
at this time, when midnight will coming up i just don't know what i wanna do.
actually many things i should do but none of that i'm doing now.
like wasting my time with my self.
no one to share, no one understand
but i really understand why it happened
because as my self, i don't know what i wanna do...
weird right? yes...that's me

and i feel like this only when i feel people around me started to disappear slowly
slow but sure......
and all of my plans got a mess
a very complete pain
but what happens let it happen
just live what happens and see the result
don't forget to pray and let GOD lead

Saturday, 3 April 2010

long lasting WISHES

it had been a long time i'm not write and post something on my blog.
missing sometimes.
wanna shared anything and everything.
maybe it's because i had a place where i can share anything now.
thank you for someone who really special for me.
i don't know, maybe this is what is called I'M IN LOVE!
ohooooho....feel like you get your real partner. have you?
in a short time, with a fast moment, you just feel "click".
he can be my bestfriend, my partner, my brother, my father, and my guardian.

he can break my view and my laziness to go through a relationship
needed 3 years to destroy that view, after i failed in a relationship
he gives me a comfortness.
not just for fun but for my work, my future, our dreams, and many other things :)
i love the moment when we talk about our target and our dreams
we complement each other how to make it happen

i like how he treat me.
i can live without him, but i don't want
i hope it is not just for a while.
i hope my dreams, your dreams, and our dreams will come true.
thank you for coming into my life
and i hope you don't go.

Friday, 12 February 2010

welcome to the world beautiful baby :)

congrats for your new baby mba diah...
congrats for become "bunda"
she is so beautiful
so cuuuuteeee....
congrats for mas darus..
you've become a father now

this is the baby, her name is
Rafania Mahira Efendi


so...quiet sleep

and they are her parents
mba diah and mas darus

and of course for aunty sri and uncle yono,
congrats for being grandma and grandpa..

have a wonderful life for you all :)

have a good family
i'm wishing for the happiness

sorry if my posting was late
he7.... :p

DAMN!! i'm too in love!

have you ever felt like you are too in love with something?
you have a plan to leave it and make a new plan for your life
but at the end you still miss that things.
you still thinking about this, really makes you in moody blues if you are not with that.
and i feel it for basketball

playing this game makes me happy
i feel like i have a friend that makes me feel better from all
of my problem.
this game gives me some freshness and blow up my mood

although I can not play as good as 3 or 4 years ago,
where I can be a hero or at least, a mainstay player
where I almost became a PORDA Jakarta Pusat player,
I also had forgotten why I did not play there. I think, it
just because of miscommunication training schedule. haha
foolishly, I let a golden opportunity
but besides of all that, i still wanna play this game.
no matter what, no matter who i am now
no matter how to play with feels like lost my dribble,
shoot, layup, and my running speed.
i just wanna play this game
i don't know how long it will be like this

but now, i still wanna play this game.

this is my binus team basketball

he is our lovely coach

just remember coach,
you're the best coach and we always loves you

Thursday, 11 February 2010

painting our canvas life

everyone has their own canvas but we need paints from the others to fill and make it wonderful.

the question is:

who wants to fill our canvas with sincerity?

provide a cheerful paint color to make the dark parts become more valuable

it will be like this

or just become this?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

my daily playlist

my playlist name is songs for the soul.
listen and feel it.
i create it on from pramborsfm
hope you enjoy it :)

silent reverie

Let me be empty
And weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

Monday, 25 January 2010

emptiness and loneliness

have you ever felt like your life is full of emptiness?
you do not know what your aim
many people around but you feel alone
no one could heard your problems
nor a hug that can make you feel better
you feel like you don't know who you are

lost in a place so down deep
a place where you feel crumpled and very difficult to get out
you do not know how long it will ends
too many things happened and it all just makes you worse off
have you??
i'm feeling it now

everything I know is wrong,

everything I do it just comes undone

and everything is torn apart.

that's the hardest part