Monday, 31 August 2009

nostalgic night

2 nights ago, i meet my senior high school friends.'s fun!
like a long time ago we never meet again.
full of laughing, take a crazy, nice, funniest picture, and much more.
but the special moments for me are when we're going to someplace and shared many things happened with our life.
shared serious stories but still laugh and smile.
from sinetron to bollywood. hahha
yes....this life, full of problems.

but, the diffenreces are how we resolve the problems.
the way we l
ook that problems.

we just can shared, but at the end the executor is just your self.
the other? only help and gives support.
and this is what is called an invisible force

my ladies

that night would be complete if DAUD with us...
i miss him...we miss him :D

take care all