Thursday, 10 December 2009

it's better I go

if I always make you angry, sad, and never make you happy, whether it's better I go?
you always said I never make you proud. I often make you cry. I always try to make you proud, do my best, try...try...and try...till i feel so tired of all that. did you see my effort, even a bit?? i guess not. Maybe you think I rarely cried , look like I'm strong. but I think I'm not! I belyfull to act like that! i just can hide now.

I always feel jealous when I saw my friend has a mother who could be invited to talk about anything. they can share and crying to his mother if they had a problem. and...I really tired of being here.

i don't have any place to share about what i feel now, so i just can share in here. sorry for you if you read this post, i don't have any intention. i just wanna write and sheds what i feel.