Tuesday, 28 July 2009

wake up call for interview

at 9.00 am i heard a song beside me.
with semiconscious i saw that was my phone.
from unknown number.
when I receive, the call is from someone who told me to come interview at her office
i'll do my interview . but the damn thing is, when i close the call, i forget the name of the company!
stupid! i just write the address.
ok, it's time to really up!
find the address using the power of google. haha
and when i find it, i feel suspiciously.
no one describe the company.
till i read some website, i find the name of the company.
but they haven't website. more suspicious.
i read more post from other.
some people said that the company is not outsourcing company.
they share their bad experience with this company.
and now i am confused.
should i to come tomorrow?

give me a narcoleptic !

time has shown at 1 am.
but i'm not feel sleepy, even a bit.
i just wanna take a rest and do nothing.
i've been trying to ignore what i am thinking. but i can't!
sometimes i feel envious of those who experience an amnesia
they can forget their problem. hahahaaa....stupid thinking!

huaaaaaaaah....could you give me some a narcoleptic pill? so i can sleep tightly and have really nice dream! hwohohohoo.... i'm just kidding! :p

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sad Songs by Melanie Fiona

i'm falling in love with this song!
in the "Sad songs", Melanie Fiona singing with groovy style and make this song not like a sad song. "Sad songs" not like another sad songs with slow rhytms, full of mellow melody, and off course it doesn't sounds like sloppy song. hahaa...
good lyrics for peoples who are discourage and disillusioned with their love. hahahaa....zlep!

my love...where did we go wrong
i wonder whos in your arms especially because you did me wrong
you know sad songs are the best songs
you don't have to wonder how it's gonna end

"HELLO" word

HELLO......the first word I wanna say to you. If you think this is my first post, you wrong guys!
hoho....I already have a blog in the past actually, but it's very long..long..long..time I never update and I really..really forget where the blog is . hmmm...forget it!

Today, i don't know why, i feel nostalgic to write a blog. so I create new blog and suddenly my brain so blank! i don't know what i wanna write and i wanna share. hahaha...
but, i think this script is enough for my first post. hoho i hope. And give your invocation for me so that I don't forget my blog again. Oh i forgot one more! if you find mistakes in my English, give me your critcs and suggestions. It will be very helpful to improve my language :D .