Friday, 23 July 2010

new name for my blog, i changed my blog name. from groovy coffe with jazzy basketball become much and more.
why? because suddenly I felt I had to do much and more things than others, if I wanted to be unusual person.

maybe it's because few days ago i saw my score and............. soooo...disappointed.
and i want somethig more...more..more...and much!
i don't wanna be the ordinary person, because life is too short to being like that.
good luck for you guys! and goodluck for us..

oh, and please pray for my special for his match like scientific works. goodluck....
you know what i feel right now dear.. :)

and today is fika's b'day! she is my bestfriends in high school. soo...say HAPPY B'DAY to her! miss you girl! enjoy your holiday...

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