Monday, 7 September 2009

flashback with elementary friends! :D

this ramadhan, full of reunion. on of the reunion that made me yippiy yippiy lalala (read : REALLY HAPPY :D) is with my elementary school friends! had been long time ago i never see them. it's like flashback to the full of happiness times!

flashback when we were in elementary

in front of SD Muhammadiyah 5

with our teacher. Mr. Asep and Mr. Edi

we converged in strawberry cafe at Gandaria. after that we went to school and meet our teachers, Mr. Asep and Mr. Edi. waaaw....Mr. Edi looked like older but Mr. Asep still like when I saw him in elementary. nothings changing with him. and finally, we spent our time in SD Muhammadiyah 5.

that was FUN guys... i'll be waiting for our next togetherness.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

newbie percussion

down-left-right (kak dara, eri, willy, ci rosi, ME, indra,)

break for a minute :D

i really feel honored when my campus friends invited me to joined with their acoustic band.
huaaaaaaah.... but none music instrumens i can play well. hahaa... and i confused when my friend invited me to join. obvious, she wanted me to playing mini percussion. like "kecrekan" but shaped like an egg and the other one had a handle. whatever the name is...hahaha
i think it would be easy things. but when i tried it, oh no! it's hard for me!
i should to constant and keep the rhythms. it's like playing drum, i guess. hmmm...but since i have been practice with them, it's getting better.
and i would like to thank you to my friends kak dara because she has invited me to join and gave me a chance.
for indra, ci rosi, eri, and willy thank you... because they have been teached me and really patient.
for willy, you're really genius musician. i love your arrangement, michael jackson medley!
hoho...sorry and thank you friends... i'll do my best for 12 sept 2009.
good luck for us.

GO ITcoustic! :p