Saturday, 3 April 2010

long lasting WISHES

it had been a long time i'm not write and post something on my blog.
missing sometimes.
wanna shared anything and everything.
maybe it's because i had a place where i can share anything now.
thank you for someone who really special for me.
i don't know, maybe this is what is called I'M IN LOVE!
ohooooho....feel like you get your real partner. have you?
in a short time, with a fast moment, you just feel "click".
he can be my bestfriend, my partner, my brother, my father, and my guardian.

he can break my view and my laziness to go through a relationship
needed 3 years to destroy that view, after i failed in a relationship
he gives me a comfortness.
not just for fun but for my work, my future, our dreams, and many other things :)
i love the moment when we talk about our target and our dreams
we complement each other how to make it happen

i like how he treat me.
i can live without him, but i don't want
i hope it is not just for a while.
i hope my dreams, your dreams, and our dreams will come true.
thank you for coming into my life
and i hope you don't go.